Master's Alumni Profiles

Here you can read about our master's program alumni, where they're working now and how Newhouse prepared them for their current careers.


E.g., 08/15/2018

Danielle Fields G'14

“I wouldn’t be in my current role without the support of the professors and staff. The projects I worked on at Newhouse gave my future employers insight into my professional work style and strategic thinking, making it easier to hire me.”

Melanie Deziel G'13

“Newhouse helped me achieve a mastery of the digital tools available, a broader understanding of the storytelling formats at my disposal, and a more critical eye for quality innovative content.”

A photo of Ashley Villone G'14 at BMG

Ashley Villone, G'14

“Though I am not working directly in media management, I have been able to apply the skills I acquired from my program in many ways.”

Andrew Polino G'15

“In some ways, my current job combines every element of my time at Newhouse.”

Brittany Campbell G'11

“Newhouse was instrumental in giving me the communication skills needed to navigate a large organization like Google.”

A photo of Jeff Glaubert, G'11.

Jeff Graubart G'11

“You may think you know what you want to do right now, but don’t let that stop you from taking yourself out of your comfort zone and pursuing something new.”

Photo of Lorenzo Arguello

Lorenzo Arguello G'11

“I felt fully prepared for a career in web journalism when I graduated.”

Photo of Max DeVesty

Max DeVesty G’15

“The institution gave me a bird’s eye view of the industry, and there isn’t a better place to get something of the quality and caliber that Newhouse provides.”

Adelyn Biedenbach G’13

“The program was a great introduction to thinking about new media from a business perspective and finding out-of-the-box solutions.”

Photo of Mannie Holmes

Mannie Holmes G'14

“We hit the ground running as real reporters from our very first day.”

Peter Corasaniti G’16

“Make as many connections and develop relationships with as many people as possible because you never know who will be able to help you when you need it.”

Headshot of Carron Phillips

Carron J. Phillips G'11

"No matter what area you go into, you need to be a good journalist first. And that foundation was created at Newhouse."