When your curriculum is based on the idea that every company is a media company, your graduates see opportunities everywhere. Our alumni leave the program fully prepared for today's digital media workplace.

Marissa Hecker, G'11

Current Position: Associate marketing director, campaign production, Complex Media 

Changes in the industry since graduation? Since graduation, I believe the digital media industry has grown and changed tremendously for the better. Now there are more opportunities for recent grads to apply their skills from Newhouse and quickly make an impact in their companies. More companies are depending on digital advertising and social media to reach their target audiences to increase profits and awareness.

Most important skills used today? Organization for project management, efficiency for corresponding with clients and patient persistence for collaborating with company-wide departments.

Favorite memories of Newhouse? My favorite memory of Newhouse is being in until the wee hours with my classmates preparing for big exams, finishing large assignments or simply shooting the breeze and discussing our career goals.

Advice for current students? Network and learn from your fellow classmates—even those in different majors. Your paths will most likely cross again either professionally or socially and having the Newhouse network in your pocket makes all the difference.

Featured Faculty:
Stephen Masiclat

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Director, New Media Management Professor New Media Management Also teaches in: Magazine, Newspaper & Online Journalism Newspaper & Online Journalism Computational Journalism Communications@Syracuse (online)

Stephen Masiclat has professional experience as an interface designer, Macintosh programmer, graphic designer and art director. He teaches web and interactive media design, introductory graphic design, typography and content management systems.

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