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The media and education master's program joins the multimedia storytelling focus of the Newhouse School with the cultural foundations of education focus of Syracuse University's School of Education.

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Do you want to be at the cutting edge of teaching high school media? Do you want to explore and understand the synergies between the forces of media and education in the contemporary world? This interdisciplinary master's program in media and education, offered jointly by the Newhouse School and the School of Education, is for you.

You will gain hands-on experience in a range of creative storytelling practices—from conventional production techniques of the film, television, radio and music industries, to the emerging digital media creation practices in online storytelling settings.

The School of Education emphasizes fundamental inquiry into the nature of education, which grounds students in topics of disability, popular culture, race, multiculturalism, identity and difference, democracy, intergroup dialogue, theories of knowledge and feminist theory.

What will I do and experience as a media and education master’s student?

The epicenter of the M&E experience is the development of a tightly-knit cohort. Students in the program will come from vastly different backgrounds, perspectives and talents, but share a passion and exciting curiosity for the convergence of imaginative possibilities between the fields of media and education.

They will explore together through extensive practical and intellectual exercises ranging from:

  • scintillating research projects
  • multi-media creations
  • thought-provoking films
  • tough and honest conversations in colloquia
  • interdisciplinary investigations and experiments

What jobs does the program prepare students for?

Media Education: Students interested in high school media production or media literacy programs in a district, media literacy or media directors for foundations, producers and directors of educational media for public television, or community college professors in different fields who want to incorporate more media into their teaching.

Youth Development: Students interested in educational contexts outside schools. This would include youth development communities and youth media organizations and potential positions with after-school programs, libraries, social service agencies and nonprofits.

Multimedia Educational Curriculum Development: Students interested in curriculum development positions in publishing, the cable industry, MTV University or public television.

Leadership in the Field: The master’s program will propel some students to move on to doctoral studies and further research in the academy.

How can I apply?

Information about the application process is available in the Admissions section of this website. Questions? Email or call 315-443-4039.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about the program?

Check out the master’s program FAQ. You may also contact Newhouse program director Michael Schoonmaker at or 315-443-9240, or contact the graduate admissions office at or 315-443-4039.

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