Media and Education

The Media and Education Certificate degree for educators who want to learn how to use media and storytelling to increase their efficacy in the classroom.

The CAS degree is designed for educators who want to learn more about visual storytelling—video, film, television, radio, music, and the nearly infinite incarnations of these forms in online media—both how to make visual stories for teaching impact and how to help students tell their stories. The program also features a signature critical thinking unit on how to understand, analyze, present and reinvent media with educational purpose and impact.

Students in the program will expand their visual storytelling skills in order to find their expressive voice and style and/or better help their students with issues and ideas they care about. Because assumptions about education, identity and difference are always visible in the media-making process, the program will also work with students on the assumptions they bring to the stories they tell.

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Featured Faculty:
Jeffery Mangram

Associate Professor Media and Education

Jeffrey Mangram distinguished himself in the classroom as a social studies teacher before returning to the School of Education to complete his Ph.D. degree, including being named a finalist for the New York State Teacher of the Year award. Professor Mangram holds a B.A. degree in policy studies/political studies, a M.A. degree in social studies education, and a Ph.D. in Teaching and Curriculum, all from Syracuse University.

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