Newspapers can provide in-depth news coverage and analysis that other types of media don't. Newspaper editors, reporters and correspondents make up the largest number of workers in the publishing industry (non-internet, see U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). With a staff of reporters and correspondents, newspapers report on local and global events. Despite the local nature of most newspaper publishing, the newspaper industry is dominated by several large corporations that own most of the newspapers in the country.

Online Publications

Newspaper and magazine partner websites are updated around the clock as news breaks. Some publications are only published online. Many digital publications have their own writing and editing staffs to produce content. Many traditional print journalists now produce digital content first, which is then reformatted for a print publication.  

Wire Services

Wire services, also known as news agencies or press associations, are newsgathering and reporting organizations that provide their subscribers with up-to-date, round-the-clock news stories and photographs. The two leading U.S. wire services, the Associated Press (AP) and United Press International (UPI), generate news, sports and weather. Wire services are much like newspapers in their daily operations except that the "wires" transmit stories via satellite to their members and subscribers (newspapers, magazines, broadcast news operations and government agencies), which then print or broadcast/cablecast the stories.