Newhouse magazine majors learn to craft compelling stories for print and digital platforms.

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Students come to Newhouse’s magazine program intent on becoming writers or editors. They also acquire valuable multimedia skills such as capturing and editing video and audio to make sure they have the tools to tell those stories across platforms. No matter what kind of consumer magazine you hope to work for—from big, established names such as Vanity Fair, Self, Esquire, or Entertainment Weekly; to online publications like Deadspin or Slate; from general-interest publications like New York to special-interest magazines like Bon Appetit—this major offers you the skills and experiences that will help you be successful in this competitive field.

"The professors here changed me. They believed in the stories I wanted to tell, and they gave me the confidence to go out and tell them." Nate Hopper '12 assistant editor, Esquire Digital

Professional feedback from the experts

In the program's small classes, faculty members will give you detailed critiques of your work. They have substantial experience working at national magazines, newspapers and websites, and you'll benefit from their professional knowledge. Explore more aspects of communications through such electives as travel writing, critical writing, web innovation, design interactivity and writing and editing for magazine websites. As a senior, you'll complete a capstone project, either creating a magazine with a class or developing your own writing portfolio.

Get involved in campus media

Sharpen your skills by writing, editing and creating multimedia content at one or more of 18 student-run campus publications, including magazines covering popular culture, music, social problems, food, sports, health, multiculturalism and politics. You are encouraged to pursue professional magazine internships at national and regional publications and websites.

With your magazine degree, you can follow the lead of other graduates who hold positions at major magazines, including Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Vanity Fair, Glamour, New York, Self, Real Simple, Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire.

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